A knitted textile factory covering over 120000 ㎡

The knitted fabric textile factory we cooperate with was established in 1989, integrating design, weaving, dyeing and finishing, warehousing, and logistics, covering an area of 100000 square meters. The single production workshop has reached the largest scale in the country, equipped with the world’s most advanced production equipment. It has a variety of professional equipment, including a hair baking machine, a long car, a dyeing cylinder, a shaping machine, a brushing machine, a hair grabbing machine, a comb/shearing machine, a shaking machine, a steaming and rolling machine, a pre shrinking machine, and a fabric inspection machine. It is currently one of the largest and most comprehensive large-scale knitted fabric textile enterprises in China in terms of production scale and variety specifications. The main products include: organic cotton products/knitted linen series, short sleeved sweatshirt series, hoodie cotton fabric series, flannel fabric series, double-sided fabric series, home clothing fabric series, etc. Adhering to the use of safe raw materials, protecting the ecological environment and resource regeneration, possessing quality certifications such as Oeko Tex certification, OCS organic cotton certification, BCI good cotton certification, and GOTS global organic textile standard certification. Equipped with a well-equipped logistics system and a super large warehouse center, we are committed to providing customers with better products and services.

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